Pre-installation Check
System Requirements:

Newscoop needs the following requirements to be fulfilled in order to install and run on your system.

If any of these requirements is not fulfilled (marked red), please correct them, otherwise you wont be able to continue with the installation.

Exception are PHP CLI and APC. PHP CLI (Command Line Interface) enables running utility tools such as site backup and restore. We highly recommend to enable PHP APC caching system so that your site will perform much better. However, this is not mandatory and you still will be able to continue with the installation process.


All system requirements are met.

Rewrite Module   Cannot be checked
Recommended   Status
PHP CLI (Command Line)   Yes
APC or xCache (PHP Cache) Support   No

PHP Settings:

These settings are recommended for PHP in order to ensure Newscoop will work well. Newscoop will still operate even though these settings are not set as suggested.

WARNING: Always make sure that register_globals is OFF, because it is a big security hole.

Option   Recommended   Current Set
Safe Mode   Off   Off
Register Globals   Off   Off
File Uploads   On   On
Session Auto Start   Off   Off
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